A few words about the growth of Bitcoin


I don’t know what you’re thinking, friends. And I’m thinking about El Salvador. Just don’t ask, please, where this country is located. It seems very close to Honduras. Well, yes… the one.

On the other hand, El Salvador doesn’t care: it has a wonderful currency. The US dollar is called.

Why not recognize the cue ball?! The risk is minimal, and the dividends…

The guys are doing well in life. I guess they’re big fans of Bob Marley. Considering the fact that in El Salvador 70% of the population work in the shadow sector and do not have a bank account, the upside is enormous.

It remains to ask Honduras and, say, Trinidad and Tobago to recognize the cue ball as a full-fledged currency. The quote of the cue ball has every chance to return to 40 thousand. The guys don’t care at all. And the whole world is delighted.

If no kidding: what a great PR move! Who would have remembered El Salvador and when? And now – New Crypto-Vasyuki. We can say that in the foreseeable future – the world capital. Crypto power!